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Milk and Yogurt with Fruit

        Welcome to the home page for the Daily Dose of Dairy™, brought to you by

        Here you will find details about new dairy foods entering the U.S. marketplace, with frequent peeks at international innovations.

        You will also find links to recent blogs and articles authored by Founder Donna Berry.

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        Prioritize Making Dairy Foods More Healthy in 2023


        State of the Dairy Industry: 2022

        Dairy Processing Innovation Outlook

        Dairy Processing hosted a live webinar on Feb. 8, 2023, where the discussion focused on dairy processors’ outlook for new product innovation in 2023 and beyond.

        Cypress Research surveyed dairy processing professionals in mid-2022 and the responses are exciting for the future of dairy innovation. It’s all about keeping dairy relevant!

        If you missed the webinar, it’s not too late. Use this LINK to view it.

        Read about Yogurt Innovation in cups, pouches and bottles HERE.

        Pillars Squeezable Yogurt

        Yasso Flavors

        Little Extras Add Flavor, Color and Fun to all types of dairy foods. Inclusions are an easy way to offer limited-edition and seasonal products.

        Read more HERE.

        Link HERE to explore every category of dairy products in this exclusive State of the Industry in Dairy Processing magazine.

        Rougette Grilling Cheese

        Read about the many varied Cheese Snacks in the marketplace, along with innovative flavors and forms of natural and processed cheese by linking HERE.

        Refrigerated Premium Dairy Desserts are a booming category with potential for big growth. Read about them and other sweet treats HERE.

        Milk processors are in the Beverage Business. Many offer non-dairy "milks" as well as dairy-based beverages that function as energizing drinks, sports beverages and meal replacements. Explore some recent rollouts HERE

        Alexandra Milk

        There's a lot of activity in the Premium Fluid Milk space with products featuring extra protein, probiotics and varied sustainable initiatives. Read more about these products HERE.

        Frozen Desserts

        Check out the latest and greatest in the Frozen Desserts aisle by linking HERE.

        Dips, Spreads and Condiments made with real dairy appeal to today's shoppers who crave flavor without over processing. Check out recent introductions HERE.

        Organic Butter

        Fat is Back. Check out new Butter innovations HERE.

        Food Business News


        Link on topic for indepth insight.

        Changing the narrative about the power of dairy protein.

        What consumers want in 2023.

        Organic 2.0: New regulations close loopholes to prevent fraud and preserve the integrity of the organic seal.

        Upcycled ingredients help processors advance sustainability efforts.

        Read more about Cheese being featured as a center-of-plate protein HERE.



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        What is the Daily Dose of Dairy™? It is a single dairy industry-related innovation delivered to your inbox. The email will contain one innovation that might be the missing link in a current project or one that might be the spark of a future success. Each Daily Dose is archived in a searchable database.

        The Daily Dose of Dairy™ features the knowledge of dairy industry authority Donna Berry, a food scientist, editor and consultant.

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